Management Team Development

Developing the management team frees up resources

The MPS management team assessment and development process provides facts on the current situation of the management team, on the basis of which it is possible to establish the most important development actions, and further contribute to systematic development of the management team. During the development process, the work of the management team is conceptualized: the management team focuses on the essential, exploits the differences of the team members and frees up the resources of the team.

A proactive management team guarantees success

Working as part of a management team demands team members to be increasingly quick-witted and the ability to operate in a changing environment. The management team of a successful organization has the ability to change. The starting point for developing the work of the management team can be, for example, the desire to clarify the management system and ensure the implementation of the strategy, the start of work by a new management team, preparing for change or having tensions within the management team.

MPS as a support for management

The development of the management team should start from a coaching style of management. In this way, the management team can manage both itself and personnel in an effective way in order to achieve the strategic objectives. The service at MPS includes leadership assessment methods tailored for working life, in-depth interviews, a 360° evaluation and workshops. Individual and group coaching forms an essential part of the development process.